Thursday, June 27, 2013

Long Time! No Bloggie!

I am a college student again!  I got an 'A' in my math class last quarter, and plan to get an 'A' in my summer classes as well.  I am furthering my education so that I can enter the medical field in the future.  Hey, it's ok and doable to change your horizons at 51.  

There is always time to squeeze in sewing.  I would love to sew every single day.  If I can say that I sew on something every single day, I'm a happy girl. 

Here are a couple of my sewing projects going on right now.  

The three gals are my 'Quilting Fairy Godmothers'.  

The quilt in progress is a collaboration with my mom, Sandy Faulconer.  It's a gift.  It's a secret.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wonky Houses off to the mail

 I participated in an online block swap of 'wonky' houses.   I made 12 and sent off 11 of them to Erin in North Carolina today.  She will get hundreds, mix them around, and send me back 11 from different quilters also participating.       FUN!!

This one is my favorite, a photo before I cut it to it's size......12.5".

It's called Big Giant City, or something like that.

I decided early on that mine would all feature the American flag in one way or another.  Some have a flag roof, most have a flag towering above the houses.

This one is called Pagoda House.

So these are just a sample!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today, Wednesday May 30 2012

 Manuel gave me some pottery, and I keep buying pieces from him.    He owns PotteryLand in Lynnwood, a great place to get pottery.  I trade work for pots.

Here are some beans growing up some sticks, and a curly willow and that one in the background is 'Sara's Pot'.  I bought that in memory of Sara.  She loves that green color.

Steve and Paul brought home a load of granite remnants, and we're all working to build this walkway to the shop. 

 This is my current favorite pottery.  It has a fuschia that has flowers that look like mini purple mink Queen Elizabeth crowns dangling.   

If I was the queen, my crown would look kind of like these blooms.  But loads of diamonds and some ruby danglers, too.

So this is what it looks like out there right now.  A mess, kind of.......we have to get it all spiffed up for Father's Day family get-together.

No problem!
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

OK Mom!

Here is my paisley design inspiration for quilting Shelley's quilt.  I look over at it once in awhile when I'm 'drawing' on the quilt. 
 The back of the quilt in progress.
 The front.
 I signed up for a block swap.  I'm making 12 wonky houses.  Mailing 11 of them away, and getting 11 from 11 other quilters from around the world. 
 I decided that my blocks would all feature an American flag.  I like the flag......
 More wonky houses, next to the ongoing strip quilt, which will be done one of these days. 
 The crazy ferris wheel quilt.  Maybe that will be it's name.  I'm mulling some finishing ideas for it.  I want to set off the wheels, do something interesting for the edges.  Anyhoo.......there you are, mother!!!!!  I have to go take a shower and go to work!  ~Susie
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Hanging out with BBA

This guy is really cute.  And good, too!  He didn't fuss one bit at the quilt we have high hopes he will be a quilting buddy!  A fellow fabric addict.

Here is his mom, my daughter, Victoria.

Achilles, aka BBA, always likes to test things out in his mouth.  Including the camera.    And, he is very adamant, insisting, and doesn't give up easily.  He also has an extreme grip.

I gave him a bath in the sink.  He had a blast.

I've been sewing and sewing.  Still in the stitching/piecing stage on three quilts.  I have another in the pipeline to start for Shelley,  and want to get together some travel work.  Steve and I are leaving for a road trip Thursday morning.

More later............
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Thursday, March 1, 2012


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He's 5 months old now.  We hung out at the cafe and counted toes.